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  • If you tell Lucas Simms about his plans, Simms will run to the saloon and arrest Mr. Burke. When they start leaving, Burke will shoot Simms in the back with his Silenced 10mm Pistol, killing the Sheriff in one shot.
  • You can save Simms by killing Burke before he has a chance to fire at Simms. Mr. Burke is somewhat tougher than the average Wasteland human, so low-level characters may have trouble killing him in a single V.A.T.S. assault (even using headshots), especially if using the 10mm pistol. This is easier to do if you attack Burke while the two are speaking. Burke does not target Simms immediately if you do this, and you receive no penalty for your rudeness. Simms will still thank you for saving him even though there was never an indication his life was in danger.
  • To avoid risking Simms' death, you can kill Burke without alerting Simms to his offer. There is no karma loss (you gain karma) or town aggression for murdering Burke. On the other hand, there is no reward for saving Simms except for his gratitude, while his body holds his house key, unique clothes and a chinese assault rifle.
  • If you disarm the bomb you will recieve a deed to a house in Megaton for your good work once the bomb is disarmed. Please note, that this is true even if Burke is killed by the player so long as Sheriff Simms doesn't get shot by Burke prior to disarming the bomb. If Sheriff Simms is killed by Burke, you can still obtain the deed and key to the Megaton House from Harden Simms (Sheriff Simms' son) in the Lucas Simms' House location in Megaton.
  • Mr.Burke also has a house in megaton next to the bomb in the middle of town. Door is Very Hard (100 lockpick). Nothing that great inside but there is a pair of his glasses and his hat.
  • When attempting to save Simms from Burke you may try to shoot Burke's pistol out of his hand, if you succeed, he will imediatley pull another one out.
  • Be careful while walking around Burke in Tenpenny Tower. He will often steal items from you, such as Stimpaks. You can pickpocket them back, or kill him for them.
  • If you want something out of Mr. Burke (such as his items, the optional dialogue, or whatever) you need to talk to him before disarming the bomb or else he will vanish and place a hit on you.
  • When killing someone in front of Burke, he will ironically remark "Some people have no respect for the sanctity of life". This is probably a joke, as he is asking you to detonate a nuclear device in the middle of a densely populated, civilized town, a rare thing to see in the Capital Wasteland.
  • If you are a female character and have the Black Widow Perk you can seduce him and he will refer to you as his lover and run to tenpenny tower in order to negotate Tenpenny out of blowing up Megaton. After that he will send letters to Colin to give to you (four in total), promising he will send for you and you can run away together. You can pick them all up at once if you dont go to the saloon for a while. In the final letter he will break up with you, and you will not hear from him anymore in the game.

Yes, from Fallout 3

Mr. Burke (Born 2221) is a mysterious man who can be met in Moriarty's Saloon in Megaton. He is the sinister right-hand man of Allistair Tenpenny, and wants the town destroyed via detonating the bomb. However, it is not known whether he is truly under the control of Tenpenny, or if he is manipulating his employer toward his own ends.

He can also be murdered without fear of retaliation from the law in Megaton.

A successful hack of Colin Moriarty's private computer will result in this information about Mr. Burke: This guy is a class A weirdo. One day I'm wiping down the bar and the fucker comes from out of nowhere...I didn't even hear the door open. He tells me he's here to wait for some sort of opportunist to come through. Whatever. As long as he pays for his drinks, he can stay here until that damn bomb explodes in the center of town for all I care.

Elly's version of Mister Burke

is adapted from the "Black Widow" perk scenes. He acts as her Hitman from afar at the Brig! If you want to read a bit of their interaction you can here...

He was just a regular-looking guy, she noticed. Nothing out of the ordinary - and that's why he caught her eye. This is what men used to look like before the wars, the bombs and the festering puddles of acid rain took their toll (among other things like the mutants and irradiated food they all had to eat).

It's a wonder they'd managed to survive outside the Vaults at all. But some had. And this man had done better than others. He was of medium build and had a "dandy" feel to him, although Elly reasoned the business attire he was wearing was the cause of that. When all the others were dressed in leather and brahmin hide (not a few decorated with spikes and bits of scrap metal) a man in an only slightly dirty striped suit and fedora stood out quite a bit. He pushed his glasses up carefully on the bridge of his nose and spoke quietly.

Her eyebrows raised as his voice rose and fell. He had a soft voice, very enchanting somehow.

"I'm very happy to make your acquaintance," he murmured. "I'm Mister Burke." He added something she wasn't quite sure of, then, mentioning she was special since she wasn't a member of the community.

"Really," Elly drawled, staring down at him as he leaned forward suggestively. "Please, do go on. This is all very fascinating." Burke didn't seem to be fazed by her sarcasm and smiled an oily little smile.

"Finally," he all but purred. "Someone with a sense of ...civility." What came next she was completely unprepared for.

He asked her to blow up the town.

She blinked at him for a moment, uncomprehending, unable to believe he could ask such a terrible thing, that anyone could. She wanted to refuse right away but she saw he was not the type of person to be threatened or put off by a do-gooder. And, of course, there was this other matter...

Oh, that would work.

"I have a 'proposition' of my own, Mister Burke," Elly husked with a smile tugging at the corner of her mouth. "Would you like to hear it?" She bent and placed a hand on his stubbled cheek. Burke seemed startled and his eyes widened behind those lightly smoked lenses.

"Color me intrigued," he said quietly. "Go on..."

"You said I don't belong to this town, but I live here, lover," she said as she flashed him a coy smile. The hint of a blush touched her cheeks as she willingly tried to seduce the man. Although she'd never tried it before she somehow instinctively knew how; the proper caress, the smoldering stare. If she'd seen another try it she'd have snickered and said it was too blatant but the man actually seemed to quiver when she touched his other cheek. "And you wouldn't want to hurt me, right?"

"I mean, well...of course not!" Burke stammered. "I could never..." He ground to a halt and shook his head, still trembling. "I've never met any woman quite like you before," he admitted somewhat ruefully. "This changes everything."

"It does?"

"I'm not sure what I'll tell my employer, but I'll think of something," he said firmly.

"Wonderful, handsome," Elly breathed. She was starting to feel awkward leaning over with all the blood rushing to her face both from the position and the dark blush she was now sporting. But her heart was beating very quickly. Not only had she succeeded in helping the town, but... [Continue? Warning: mature fanfiction]


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Random Trivia

Burke is the name of an upper-middle class town in Virginia south of Fairfax and Annandale, i.e., roughly where Tenpenny Tower would be.

Burke is also the name of an antagonist in Aliens, a sinister man who is notably callous towards human life as long as he makes a profit, as demonstrated by the way he attempts to impregnate Ripley and Newt with Alien embryos prior to the departure from the colony. There is a very slight resemblance in the appearance of the two men, but clothing and voice are extremely different.

He is voiced by Wes Johnson, who also voiced many characters in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, most notably Lucien Lachance, who speaks in a manner similar to Burke. The other notable character voiced by Johnson was The Mad God Sheogorath in the Shivering Isles Expansion. Other than that, he also voiced all of the male Imperial citizens, as well as most of the guards all around Cyrodiil.

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